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G-11-ICT Lesson 2: Some Applications of ICT

ICT has a large number of applications in different sectors of life.

1. In Home

  • Entertainment – movies, music and different animation games
  • For browsing the web
  • For online shopping
  • For mobile and Internet banking

2. In Office

  • Transaction processing
  • Desktop publishing
  • Word Processing
  • Product design
  • Financial analysis

3. At Factory

  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is used to design and
    develop products.
  • Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) is used to
    manufacture them.
  • Inventory control and
  • Planning and process control
  • To run robots that create, finish, assemble and test products and their

4. In Transport

  • To improve road, air and rail transportation
  • In air traffic control
  • For Monitoring of freight and the day-to-day transport system
  • For booking air tickets or railway tickets online
  • For simulation training for pilots
  • In the air traffic control and rail signals

5. In Communication

  • Mobile Phones
  • The Internet
  • Satellite Communication
  • TV Broadcast

6. In Education

  • Classroom, Library, Laboratory, Museum computers 
  • E-Learning
  • Computer Based Learning

7. In Health

  • Support efficient exchange of information between health professionals,
  • They enable transfer of patient records between sites and they can improve clinical
    effectiveness, continuity and quality of care by health professionals.
  • Physicians use ICT to understand the human body and to diagnose disorders.
  • Computer controlled laser machines are used in surgery.
  • The complex surgeries can be performed by smallest possible cuts on
    the patient body.
  • This is done by operating through a technique, called Endoscopy
  • ICTs are also helpful in training doctors for surgery.
  • The surgeries can be performed on computer controlled models or by using
    virtual reality techniques.
  • These models simulate a real life environment by using computers to perform a particular task.